About Nepal

Nepal is a small land -locked country nestled in the laps of the mighty Himalayan range, situated in the south Asia, between China and India. Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha and also it is the home to the highest mountain (Mt. Everest) in the world. We feel our self fortunate to tell you that Nepal is very rich and renowned in tourism and hospitality around the world. High mountain scenery, vivid culture and friendly smiling faces have captured the imagination of adventure seekers and travelers from the dawn of time. Nepal has tremendous geographical diversities. The altitudes in the country varies from less than 70m above the sea level at Kechana Kalan of Jhapa to the world’s highest point 8848m (Mount Everest).

This variation occurs at the distance of less than 200Kms. Such geographical variation is hardly found in any country around the world. Nepal is divided into three different regions as per the altitudes variations: Mountain region, Hill region and Terai region. Around 83% of Nepal’s land area is covered with mountains and hill. Out of 14 mountains above 8000m in the world, there are 8 mountains in Nepal. Further, there are 47 mountains above 7000m and 156 mountains above 6000m.

There are 6000 rivers in Nepal having hydroelectricity potentiality of 83,000 MW.


Besides, Nepal is a multi-religious, multilingual, multiracial and multi-cultural society. This is a country of more than 125 castes and ethnic groups and 10 religions. Approximately, 105 languages are spoken in Nepal and Nepali is the Lingua Franca. Further, despite the being a small country, Nepal possess a tremendous biological diversity.

Nepal is a home to 185 species of mammals, 50 amphibian, 130 reptiles, 850 species of birds and more than 6000 species of plants. Endangered animals species like Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinos, Red Panda and other animals are protected in different National parks and conservation areas.

Nepal is famous for: Mountaineering, Trekking, Pilgrimage tour, world heritages sites, and historical monuments, Mountain flight, Paragliding, Rafting, Bungy jumping, Jungle Safari, Cultural tours, Canyoning, Meditation, Yoga, Faith healing, Astrology etc.


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